PSALM 1: Blessed is the man...who MEDITATES on the Law of the Lord!

Discover! The Lost Truth Of Biblical Meditation...And Experience The Power Of God's Word...Daily! 

Learn to meditate on God's Word...stay focused on Scriptures throughout the day...and strengthen your communion with Jesus…This training program reveals the secrets of entering into the Most Holy Place and eating from the Tree of Life!

Biblical Meditation Is NOT:

Biblical meditation is NOT a New Age practice or other form of Eastern spirituality…
Biblical meditation is NOT to empty the mind or think about whatever comes to mind, or enter into a trance-like state…
Biblical meditation is NOT trying to detach from the world and reach to a higher spiritual level...
Biblical meditation is NOT merging with nature or any other god or higher powers…

It is NOT a performance-based religious routine.

Meditate The Word


This is a step-by-step training about how everyone can stay focused on the Word of God, walk in God’s awareness consistently, receive His promises, and live a transformed matter what you do or how much time you have!

This is not a “formula” for transformation, but if you do what it says, you will definitely strengthen your relationship with Jesus and experience more transformations in your life.

If you read the Bible but you don't seem to experience what it says...
If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lack of time, lack of energy, and lack of God's reality...

Or you don't know what to meditate on...or how to meditate...

Then this is the program you’ve been looking for!

My marriage was restored as I put to practice these biblical meditations....

One of the best Christian meditation Courses I've ever heard of!

Now I know how to create my Godly realities with biblical meditation...

Introducing Biblical Meditation Bundle

Lean To Meditate & Prosper In God, His Truth & Reality... Experience A Different Kind Of Life With Jesus!

... I cannot express how thankful I am for this course

From: Masoud Ramandi

Re: How to use Meditation in God’s Word and Grow in intimacy with Him and Live a transformed life... NOW!

Does This Sound Familiar…

You’ve got a dream to transform your life. Maybe you want to have a more intimate relationship with God like I did… or understand His Word…or change your thought patterns… or have God’s blessing on your finances… or be a better spouse… or even improve your health. Maybe you’re a new born again Christian, or a seasoned believer, or a leader, or a pastor.

You are too busy, and tired. You don’t have enough time and you don’t know what to meditate on. You used to read the Bible and enjoy it but you’re busy and exhausted and you’re not as excited about it anymore…and you think “if I just had more time…”.

You’re tired of seeing other people thrive when you KNOW you are a child of God having God’s promises and you’ve read Jesus saying “ask your Father”. Maybe you’ve thought about getting help, but when you do what they say it seems as it’s not working for you.

You’ve probably heard several “testimonies” of believers who brag about what God did for them. They all seem to have a “success” story. And you hear “if He did it for me, He can do it for you too!” speech in church all the time. It makes you want to give up on the Word of God because it all feels so out of reach!

Maybe your dream is to have more God-reality in your life.

Maybe you need more awareness of the Holy Spirit in your relationships to be a receiver and giver of love.

Or maybe your dream is just to get something going so you can come out of a dry season without any revelation knowledge of the Lord and to make a U-turn in your wilderness (instead of wishful thinking that never gets you to the promise land). 

Or maybe you’re already in an amazing relationship with Jesus and just want to go deeper!

Whichever level you’re at and whatever goal you want to reach, you’d like to do it quickly and consistently so you can enjoy your life (and family)... instead of blaming yourself for "not being enough"!

In the past, you may have tried and failed and now what really scares you is never seeing your desires fulfilled.

If ANY of the above applies to you, I want you to understand:

None Of This Is Your Fault..

You just don't know the Simple & Effective Biblical Meditation Practices that make a big impact on your soul in today’s fast-paced life...yet! It’s not that you're not qualified or lack the knowledge or character to “make it happen”. 

The actual issue is you've desired to prosper but you’ve just not learnt to “prosper in your soul” first.

But, the great news for you is I'm going to show you how to have a prosperous soul and THEN “prosper in all thing” starting immediately (with the level of Bible understanding you already have… even if it’s not much)!

Bottom line: Living a transformed life is a LOT easier than you think once you know the “what and how”!

Oh and one more thing…

I’m not going to tell you one of those mind-blowing “testimonies” (though I have many).

I am going to tell you a quick story about a MOMENT back in July 2013 that changed my life…this one story is responsible for why I am here to help you lifting up the burden from your shoulder

I was a a PhD graduate looking for a job. I had just encountered Jesus, become born again and was trying to understand the Bible. Immediately I was studying the Bible for 12-13 hours a day. I really wanted to spend as much time as possible everyday with God and His Word so I wouldn't have to think like the old and miss out who I really am in Christ. I wanted to be able to know God intimately so I could live a transformed life.

The thing is I was not yet fully familiar with the scriptures and didn't know what they said about "how to practically live out what I was learning". That meant I wasn’t able to know God intimately, let alone live a transformed life.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I was learning so much knowledge from Christian TVs but they were not the reality of my day to day life. I felt even worse about the situation because at times I had this thought that I was not spending enough time with God, no amount of time seemed to be enough, it was becoming a performance rather than a relationship.

I felt like a failure because I was also comparing myself with men and women of God who were talking about the amazing experiences they had with the Holy Spirit which I did not.

I Was Tired. I Was Exhausted. I Could Not Do A Thing...

The problem was that after a few months suddenly I landed a job and a new normal was established. Which meant I no longer had the luxury I had in the past 9 months, to spend 12-13 hours a day reading and studying the Bible, which made the situation worse. The first few days I was so busy with moving, settling down and getting used to the job that I didn’t notice what was happening.

It hit me when my 2nd week began...

I remember I would wake up at 6 am to go to office and work for 9 hours. By the time I was back home I was too tired. I was exhausted. I could not do a thing. All I wanted to do was to lay down on my couch and do nothing...

You see, I had lived the past 9 months in my first year of Christianity at home studying the Bible and spending time with the Holy Spirit 24/7. I no longer had that luxury, no more free time for studying and journaling. “What is happening to me?”, I thought. I felt as I was TOTALLY disconnected from God. I could not hear His voice and I was feeling as I was getting farther and farther away from Him.

This continued for almost 2 months...

Then Something Amazing Happened...

One night when I was getting ready for bed, I stopped to look at a painting that was hanging on the wall…it was a picture of flowers that my wife, Rose, had painted…

At that moment everything became still, and I thought to myself "I’d ask the Holy Spirit to talk to me through this painting"…and I did!

The experience was amazing! He talked to me and I heard Him after 2 months! He was there when I wanted to! I was so emotional I could not hold my tears…I felt the joy of the Father. I was back! That moment was all about attention and focus!

It was now crystal clear to me how to hit the 'pause' button, and direct my attention to Him, at every MOMENT, because I saw I could be 'connected' with God anywhere anytime, even when life turns into work-all-around.

That's When I Found The Secret...

The secret to renew my mind to the Word of God was about catching "THE MOMENT" with the Father!

I also learned that you don't always have to have 12 hours a day to know the Father intimately, you need to catch THE moments in betweenenter into what you've already learnt from the scriptures, and direct your attention and focus on the Father instead.

My plan was to start developing daily habits to make this a lifestyle without forgetting it.

I decided to remember to go “within” myself as often as I could and live in this safe place where my source of satisfaction comes from.

So I started to take 30 seconds at work to take my attention off the computer and paperwork in the office, and set it on God. But I didn’t stop there.

Then as work got busier, I used my phone alarm to remind me every 30 minutes.

After I did that, I started cultivating and maintaining a higher level of intimacy with the Father and a greater degree of transformation in my personal life.

Suddenly, I was living a new life.

That's When I Found The Secret...

As I continued to do this for a few months, it was becoming a "routine" and my thoughts and conversations with the Father was no longer as fresh as it was before, it seemed as I was repeating the same conversations from the past, trying to experience the same things that I had experienced before. There was no new thing!

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to do something about this. That's when the answer came… 

I realized what I had been doing over the past few month, taking a moment, to focus and concentrate, to turn in and take my attention and affection to the Father, was technically a form of Meditation…the sound of this term seemed new age to me and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. 

One night when I was getting ready for bed, I stopped to look at a painting that was hanging on the wall…it was a picture of flowers that my wife, Rose, had painted…

At that moment everything became still, and I thought to myself "I’d ask the Holy Spirit to talk to me through this painting"…and I did!

The experience was amazing! He talked to me and I heard Him after 2 months! He was there when I wanted to! I was so emotional I could not hold my tears…I felt the joy of the Father. I was back! That moment was all about attention and focus!

It was now crystal clear to me how to hit the 'pause' button, and direct my attention to Him, at every MOMENT, because I saw I could be 'connected' with God anywhere anytime, even when life turns into work-all-around.

  • I was more aware of His presence
  • My dreams and visions were filled with revelation knowledge of God
  •  It was no longer I who was trying to ‘connect’ to Him… Now it was Him flowing His thoughts in to my heart like a stream of waters
  • I was constantly interrupted by Him…in my awareness, in my consciousness... He was becoming the only REALITY I could have in every MOMENT
  • Time was no longer an issue…time was expanded, time was fruitful, my time was blessed…I could accomplish more in 2 hours than what I had done in one day in the past
  • I remember I would go to bed and the new thoughts would not leave me…at times I felt I was preaching to someone in another part of the world while my body was in the bed…life was so exciting! 

After taking 7 years of daily meditation and figuring out how to turn 'within' and properly meditate on the Word of God, I thought to myself:

What if I could create something that would make it possible to help other Christians to learn how to meditate on God's Word and transform their relationship with the Father as well...

We created "Meditate The Word".

I can now show anyone how to take these practical trainings, turn them into daily habits, and use their MOMENTS to make a difference.

It's True! Now YOU Can Meditate On God's Word & Start Seeing Significant Shift In Your Life Immediately!

And in the end, all of this means YOU are now able to confidently handle any situation because your root in God is stronger than any tree and helps you draw the water of life from YOUR source (the Father) on a constant basis.

I then started to let other Christians use "Meditate The Word". I was able to help many believers to discover that meditation is the key to live from WITHIN in relationship with God and receive ALL HIS PROMISES:

Get Your Access to 

Biblical Meditation Bundle

Learn How to Meditate on God's Word & Be Prosperous In All Things In Him

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get...

Meditate The Word


This practical Online Course makes it simple to learn to meditate on God's word daily which enables you to be mindful of His truth and reality all the time even in the midst of a busy lifestyle and renew your mind to His word so you can grow in your relationship with God. 


  • What you should meditate on
  • How can meditation cause you to prosper in God
  • How to be effective in meditation
  • Understand the 3 states of being in meditation
  • How to be surrounded by abundance and not lack
  • Learn to dwell in the secret place all the time
  • Operate in the power of thanksgiving
  • Exercise with guided meditation

BONUS#1: Divine DNA


This unique Meditation eBook helps you to have powerful "starting points" every day so you're able to easily focus and remember who you are in Christ and quickly bring all your attention to God. Each day's devotion has Spirit given revelation of your true identity in Christ. This devotional is filled with God’s word, practical advice & suggested scriptures for further meditation so you can quickly and easily apply them in your own life.

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The MP3 Audio Downloads of all teachings in the Meditate The Word Course is your solution to continue learning when you're on the go which helps you learn to meditate every moment of your day and constantly stay focused on God's word wherever you are.

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This TRAINING, “Meditate The Word”, Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Walk With God... Fast!

Why have I decided to create this training and share all these hard-learned lessons only at a cost of single meal?

Here’s why…
I want to reach back in time to that person siting on the couch feeling distant to God and tell him, “Do this and you'll experience God so much better… so much faster!”

Now, obviously it's not possible to go back in time to help myself in the past, but I can help YOU. And that is why I’m talking to you right now in this moment and here on this page.

Here is everything you need to know to live every moment in God's presence and reality. "Meditate The Word" is for anyone who wants to Internalize God's Word, be mindful of His truth, and live a transformed life in His presence…fast.

Your Life Is About To Change!

Here’s something else I want you to know. I sincerely want to help you!

Maybe your time is tight… or maybe you don't believe in yourself. Or maybe your life in a place that nothing seems to be changing... or you don't know where to start and how to live the life God intended for you. And that’s okay. I believe in you because God believes in you…And I know deep down you still have a fire in you....otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t serious about making a change.

And because you’re serious, I want to do everything I can to put these truths in your hand... because I know they're going to work for you.

I want to give you this power... and I won't leave you after you have completed the training....but will continue to help and coach you daily inside our exclusive Facebook group community. We have reduced the cost of owning this bundle to less than the cost of a meal so you can afford it and at the same time, we know you're serious about it and when you get this course, you'll go through it and put in practice and start seeing change! (because you got a few bucks of skin in the game).

So if you'll do that, I guarantee this course will change your life… just like it changed mine and changing many others right now.

Now it's your turn to discover the biblical meditation secrets and to use the power of meditation to get more focused on God, renew your mind, and experience long awaited transformation! 

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

There are costs involved to be able to keep this course available for everyone... Considering all the costs, we will not be able to continue with this special offer for a long time. The offer like this won't last long...

If this page is still here, the the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing all about your transformation stories and what God is doing in your life...with this new meditation lifestyle.

Bless you,

Masoud Ramandi

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