Unfold The Book Of

The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

Understand The Book Of Revelation, Discover Your Identity As Kings & Priests And Reign With Christ For A 1000 Years...Now!

No! It's NOT An End-Time Message...It's NOT A Rapture Message...It's The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Message...The Work Of God On The Cross...And In Your Life Message!

What You Will Learn In The

Rise Of The Conquerors Conference

You're about to realize that everything written in this book is to empower you to overcome all things in Christ and inherit the fullness of God here and now!

Session 1: The Unveiling

Session 1 is about understanding the only message of the Book of Revelation: Jesus Christ as the Word of God. The book starts by Him working in the midst of the 7 Lampstands (the Church), through the 7 Spirit, to help her overcome all things and be prepared as the glorious city, here and now, so that all nations can enter into her light and be saved. The concept of servantsfellow-servants, the angels, are covered in this session.

Session 2: The Throne Room

Session 2 is where you'll see a clear picture of manifest sonship which is your calling. The Throne is the realm of the Most Holy Place. It is beyond the Church-realm where there's a mixture of both truth and error. The Heavenly Call of the Father over the Sons is "Come Up Here". Only this realm unveils the "ways" of God which means once we understand the Throne, we'll also have a spiritual insight to every scene of "activities" in the bowls, seals and trumpets.

Session 3: The Scroll

Session 3 helps to understand what the Scroll is because every event in the Book of Revelation starts AFTER the Scroll is taken by the Lamb. When God shows what He has done through the Lamb in the opening of the 7 seals, you'll hear the voice of the 7 trumpets, and overcome through the 7 bowls. This is the manifold wisdom of God, which was hidden, but now is made manifest through the Cross of Christ.

Session 4: Babylon & The Beasts

Session 4 is all about the mystery of the adamic wisdom. In contrast to the Mystery of Christ, there's another mystery called the Mystery of Lawlessness. The two mysteries unveil the nature of the two men: the First Man, Adam, and the Second Man, Christ. This is where we get to see what's the dealing of God with beasts and how the Lord Jesus graciously is taking the church out of the wisdom of the serpent.

Session 5: The Lake Of Fire

Session 5 is about dealing of God with mankind in cleansing them from all unrighteousness of Adam. There's no picture in the entire Bible that is interpreted so wrong as the ending chapters of the Book of Revelation. The Lake of Fire is often interpreted as hell, a place of eternal torment for those who don't believe in Jesus.  But this session unpacks the precious loving work of the Father that so diligently removes every dark spot from human darkened understanding.

Session 6: The New Jerusalem

Session 6 is unveiling of the bride of the Lamb, the heavenly city of God. The Book of Revelation ends by several scenes that show the end product of the in-working of the 7 Spirits of the Lamb. This is where we see a City with the beauty of a Bride. The Glory of this City was described by Paul in His epistles, revealing the the true interpretation of the Old Testament scriptures concerning the City of God. It is where the 7 churches have given their place to ONE Body who is manifesting the Glory of her Bridegroom!

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While the world is filled with chaos, conspiracies, anger and frustration, the Church is also being contaminated with the same mind. However, there's a remnant of people who have seen the invisible, who have looked into the Spirit, and have gazed at the Glory of the Face of Jesus and have been awakened to the truth of God's plan. And let us tell you "it is not of destruction".

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  • Unlimited Access to Conference Backstage Q&A Sessions: Watch all backstage Q&A sessions and deepen your understanding (Total of 3 Sessions) [Value $97]
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here's what others say...

You Are One Step A Way From A Life-Transforming Experience

Hello everyone,

Sometimes a go, we hosted a live conference where we unfolded the Book of Revelation. It was such powerful conference that even to this day, we're still receiving life-transformation testimonies.

And we are NOT surprised!

Because we know there's such power in Jesus Christ that when He is preached, unveiled and known before your eyes, evil and death will fall from your life!

And this is what happened to a sister during one of the sessions:

Today in the middle of your sermon in the lake of fire
I felt there is a strength in me that I can move all the buildings of Singapore. I also received my deliverance too, I vomited and now I feel good and refreshed. I don't know how to explain my feelings, only one thing I'm sure, I'm happy and blessed through your teachings.

Isn't it wonderful?!

The moment you start finding Jesus Christ, His work on the cross, His resurrection and His ascension in the pages of the Book of Revelation, then you will find such power to overcome all things!

That's why we've made the recorded teachings available again so you can experience the unforgettable!

See you inside,

Rose & Masoud

In Case You Have Similar Questions...

How long are each sessions of the conference?

Each session in the Rise of The Conquerors conference is about 2 hours.

Is the conference LIVE?

No! The conference teachings were recorded LIVE and now the replay is made available for you to watch.

Will I have life-time access to videos?

You will have unlimited access to all teachings and backstage sessions of the Rise of The Conquerors conference. However your access to PBB Revelation Membership is for 2 weeks only.

I still have questions, how should I contact you?

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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